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Identity Protection You Can Rely On

By employing the best security methods possible, our VPN is always masking your IP and your identity from third parties. That means that even your location cannot be found by hackers.

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You can securely and privately access home services anywhere you go with the help of our VPN client. So that means that all your subscriptions, favorite websites and other home services can come with you around the world.

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Servers in Over 16 Countries

With dozens of servers all over the world, you have the ability to hop on and access the web via our VPN network. RaiseVPn ensures that you can gain access to the worldwide web, anywhere, anytime with ease. You will also be secure anytime that you access the internet with our VPN, allowing you to have a private connection you can trust.

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Updated Technology for Encryption

When you use the RaiseVPN VPN client, you will have double the protection due to our new encryption advancements.

Our Servers Are the Fastest Available

We offer smooth streaming because our servers go at the optimal speed, faster than any other VPN.

Setup takes just a few minutes

Our VPN client takes just a few clicks to set up on any and all of your devices.

Your Info is Never Logged

Worried about third parties getting logged info on our servers? You don’t have to worry – we have an anti-logging policy and work hard to keep your data away from third parties.

Intelligent VPN Client

Our VPN client was built with intelligence that can indicate if something is out of the ordinary or if there’s an interruption. It will immediately shut your connection off, stopping any attack or hack from compromising your info or data.

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